3 axis 23
Basic Solid Modelling + 2 & 3 Axis Machining
ZW3D 3 axis machining offers 3 axis QuickMill™ for the machining of surface features from core and cavity parts, together with all of the 2 axis machining functions.
The QuickMill™ technology provides the user with smart milling strategies like automatic part feature recognition and adaptive control of feed and speed rates.
QuickMill™ technology provides smooth toolpaths with automatic safety check functions so that it meets high-speed milling requirements.
ZW3D delivers easy and efficient 3 axis machining.
All functionality in ZW3D Lite plus:
    2-Axis Milling
    2-Axis Turning
    Hole Making
    Auto-feature Tactics
    Tool Path Editor
    Solid Verification
    ZW3D Post Processor
    3-Axis QuickMill™
    Smoothflow Adaptive Feedrate Control

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3 Axis Machining + Volume Milling (Add on Module)
Volumill is an add on module that is fully integrated with the 3 axis machining module and can help you to generate optimized
toolpaths with 50%-80% machining cycle time saved.
Volumill will allow you to use the full depth of a cutter thus sparing your cutting tool costs up to 75%.