ZWMeshWorks is a CAE platform with ready-made pre-processors and post-processors for developers to integrate solvers. Based on our self-developed modelling kernel and meshing techniques, it satisfies your needs from pre-processing to solving to post-processing, and significantly improves your development efficiency.
Zoomed up view of part of a blue component shown with FEA meshBlue
Advanced Meshing Techniques
The Hybrid Advancing-Front & Delaunay Mesh Generation enables you to generate high-quality meshes efficiently and easily. Together with parallel meshing, the efficiency and stability have been further improved.
Capable of generating meshes for complicated geometry, it can be applied to multidisciplinary simulations like structural, fluid, and electromagnetic.
High-Quality and Efficient Meshing
With advanced meshing techniques, ZWMeshWorks can capture geometric features accurately and generate high-quality elements in a short time.
Multiple types of meshes are supported, and the hexahedral hybrid meshes can be generated automatically. The control of local meshes and isotropic meshes are also accessible.
Plan view of an entire car engine with FEA mesh in grey
compatibility diagram
Highly Extendable and Compatible Platform
Being highly flexible, extendable and compatible, you can customize your user interface, exchange multidisciplinary model data and integrate different solvers seamlessly and efficiently.


ZWmeshWorks mesh dividing the page

Powerful Modelling Capability
With self-developed Overdrive kernel, parametric modelling and solid & surface hybrid modelling are available for faster and better modelling.
A model of a rack and pinion gear in the ZW3D modelling software
Mechanical assembly on computer scree showing easy to use interface
Friendly and Easy-to-Use
Clear workflow and friendly GUI make it easy for you to get started right away.
High-Performance Calculation
The parallel calculation of multi-core CPU and single GPU is supported to maximize the advantages of hardware and thus the efficiency of simulation.
Pictures of graphs and results on a computer screen
Computer dialog showing functions and expressions that are availible
Various Function Expressions
Loads boundary conditions and materials that are changed with function expressions can be applied, making pre-processing settings more flexible and simulation more accurate.
Customizable and Reusable Materials
You can customize the properties of materials according to your specific needs, and add them to the library for reuse conveniently.
computer dialog showing how customisable the interface is
split computer screen showing components with different result outputs
Diversified Ways to Display Results
The simulation results can be displayed as plots, tables, animations, etc., or customized as you like. You can also probe the results and generate relevant reports.
Typical Industrial Applications
A road or rail bridge in grey on a dark backgound
Dark grey sound absorbing foam
Model of an airplane with fluid flow show as in a wind tunnel
Two outstretch hand mapped in colours showing a thermal image
Electromagnetic waves radiating on a green background
A bunch of Fibre optic cables

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