ZWSim Structural
ZWSim – Structural Simulation
ZWSim Structural is a simulator that integrates both modelling and simulation. Using the finite element method (FEM), it simulates the physical behaviour of structures.
Solving structural mechanics problems, it allows engineers in different industries to assess the suitability of their structural design.
WSim Structural will help your engineers make faster and better decisions thus reducing R&D time and costs.
Section of a keyboard showing names of algorithms used in ZWSim Structural
Advanced Algorithms for Efficient and Accurate Simulation
Multiple matrix algorithms and the eigenvalue extraction method help bring more accurate simulation results faster.
Friendly and Easy-to-Use
Clear workflow and friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) make it easy for you to get started straight away.
Computer screen with rack and pinion being tested with FEA
A blue and green balloon diagram showing compatible systems
High Compatibility for Seamless Data Exchange
20+ standard and commercial formats are supported, enabling you to import and export files with ease.
Powerful Modelling Capability
With our self-developed Overdrive kernel, parametric modelling and solid & surface hybrid modelling are available for faster and more robust modelling.
Green sports car with bonnet raised showing ZW3D modelling of components
Close up of rack and pinion gears with FEA mesh
High-Quality and Efficient Meshing
The Hybrid Advancing-Front & Delaunay Mesh Generation has been adopted to support the generation of high-quality 1D/2D/3D meshes, and even tens of millions of meshes.


Strip of triangular FEA mesh in grey with nodes

Multiple Types of Structural Simulation
Analyses of linear statics, buckling, frequency and mode shapes, steady-state heat transfer and transient-state heat transfer are supported to meet different application requirements.
Computer dialog window for creating a new structure
Computer dialog to input mesh parameters
Many Different Types of Meshes Supported
Triangle, quadrilateral, tetrahedral, hexahedral and other types of meshes can be generated, fitting different types of solvers.
Different Constraints and Loads
Constraints like Fix Geometry, Roller/Slider, Fixed Hinge, structural loads like Force, Pressure, Torque, and thermal loads like Temperature, Heat Power, Heat Flux are accessible, to better simulate the actual environment.
List of Different Constraints and Loads available with icons
Computer dialog showing and extensive materials library
Customizable and Reusable Materials
You can customize the properties of materials according to your specific needs, and add them to the library for reuse conveniently.
Effective Checking for Higher Precision
The correctness of geometry, materials, constraints, loads, meshes, etc. can be checked before running the simulation, increasing the accuracy of results.
Computer dialog showing checking for higher precision
Results of analysis shown with banded colours
Diversified Ways to Display Results
The simulation results can be displayed as plots, tables, animations, etc., or customized as you like. You can also probe the results and generate relevant reports.
Typical Industrial Applications
All the components of a large and complex machine
light grey steel rail bridge on a dark background
split image showing a car, a ship, and an airoplane
Three nodding donkey oil extraction pumps against a blue sky
pictures of consumer electronics items like kettles toasters etc
Scientist working in a Lab with various scientific instruments

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