Product Design in ZW3D

Mold Design Features

Data Repair
Data Repair
Accurately analyze and repair various geometric topological issues, including cracks, open edges, etc. Efficiently process model gaps and reconstruct missing faces to ensure a complete model and data quality.
Manufacturing Analysis
Manufacturability Analysis
You can check and verify the manufacturability of product structures with tools such as Draft Analysis, Thickness Analysis, and Undercut Analysis. Also, intuitive analysis.
Fast Parting
Fast Parting
The core, cavity, and other areas can be defined through parting lines or parting faces. Various handy tools are available for holes and parting faces creation, making it simple and clear to transform from the product to core and cavity.
Specialised Mold Tools
Specialized Tools for Mold Design
Specialized tools are provided to quickly create runners, cooling systems, slide and groove, which can also be easily and intuitively modified.
Standard Mold Parts Librarys
Mold Standard Parts Library
The built-in library of mainstream mold bases and standard parts (MISUMI/FUTABA/HASCO/DME/LKM, etc.) are provided and user can create and customize their own standard part library.
Auto Mold Drafting
Auto Mold Drafting
Mold attributes can be automatically recognized. The engineering drawings of all components can be generated effortlessly according to the predefined type template while dimensions can be automatically added according to custom settings.
Electrode Design Tools
Electrode Design
There are multiple ways to create electrodes. Functions such as bills of electrodes, electrode engraving, automatically generating electrode drawings, etc. can facilitate your electrode design.