ZW3D Mold Parting

Fast core-cavity parting to shorten leads time

Split parts directly using parting lines or region faces, saving you considerable time.

Supports both automatic and manual creation of parting lines, inner holes and parting face are provided to raise efficiency, especially for new designers.

Multi-cavity design & multi-product design can both be accommodated.

Extensive library of mold base & components for different standards

The built-in library of mold bases and standard part can be modified and personalized to be able to easily meet the requirements of different companies.

ZW3D Moldbase

Specialized tools to deal with detailed mold design

ZW3D provides specialized tools to quickly create runners, cooling system, sliders and different gate, which can be easily modified according to your companies specific requirements.

ZW3D Mold Inserts
ZW3D Mold Electrodes

Flexible solutions to quickly and easily deal with complex electrode design

Easy-to-use electrode extract tools allow you to deal with complex electrodes quickly.

A batch of electrodes and 2D drawings can be automatically created to dramatically shorten development time and reduce errors.