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Piping (New Module)
With this newly added module, it is more convenient than ever to design pipes with flexible routing options, a vivid display of flow direction, rigorous specifications, powerful editing functions, etc.
            Specification and Non Specification driven options.
           − Extensive standard parts & easy customisation.
           − Intuitive routing.
           − Flanges and gaskets added automatically.
           − Powerful tool to modify the routed system.

General Modelling Enhancements

Improved Command Workflow
The workflow of many commands has been improved. A single fillet feature can now record multiple fillets in the model, tidying up the modelling history.
           − Missing references now shown in Redefine.
           − Layer interface updated.
           − Assembly layering improved .
improved work flow
Single Root Object Mode
The single root object mode is now the default. Making it more user-friendly for you to create and manage object files easily, and even integrate them into the PLM system.
           − New “File Separate” tool to expand multi object files.
           − Multi-object option still available in configuration.
single root object
Sketcher Enhancements
The Sketcher ribbon interface has been changed so that all commonly used commands are now in the first level menu. this means that you no longer have to change tabs to complete many tasks. 
           − New scale sketch option can prevent dramatic dimensional changes.
           − New dimension edit tool to change multiple dimensions.
sketch edit dim
Optimized Step File Parsing
The parsing of .step files has been enhanced so that importing them, on average, takes nearly 50% less time, and the ability to parse geometry when exporting them is also enhanced.
optimised step
Smart Measure
The new Smart Measure provides you with all the basic info of almost any object. The info is displayed clearly on the screen by the object..
           − Available in part and assembly.
           − Intelligent inferential measurement.
smart measure
G3 Continuity
G3 continuous curves can now be created so that your curves and surfaces  become smoother giving you better results in your design.
G3 continuity
Assembly Enhancements
Assembly has had a number of changes to help improve usability, speed and efficiency. 
           − Two new mechanical constrains added: Slot and Cam.
           − New display modes for non-associated components.
           − Assembly manager improvement, additional display options.
           − New assembly folders in the manager.
Drawing Enhancements
Drawing has had a number of changes to help improve usability, speed and efficiency. 
           − Drawing tables can now be used to create and populate title blocks 
           − A new revision table with anchor point can be created.
           − View display times have been improved, especially for large assemblies.
           − Improvements to PMI.
Sheet Metal Enhancements
The new Flatten command allows sheet metal designers to observe the real-time flattening effect of the sheet metal and generate relevant 2D drawings more quickly.
           − Pre Define all attributes prior to starting the design.
Milling and Turning Enhancements 
Thanks to the multithread parallel calculation technique, the generation of QuickMill™ toolpaths was accelerated by about 50%.
           − Optimised lace operation. 
           − Flat detection function.
           − Reverse cut option for facing.
           − New turning tool types.
Upgraded Full Machine Simulation
Not only can the milling NC code of Siemens® and Heidenhain® be simulated, but also a 5-axis Head A on C Type Machine has been added.
upgrade FMS
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