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New ECAD Module

ZW3D 2021 provides a new ECAD module for PCB design and supports the import and export of IDF files.
ECAD Module Video

Part Modelling and Sketch Enhancements

New Script Record Tool (Mapkeys)
Using Script Record in ZW3D 2021, engineers can record the script of frequently used commands and perform them by Map Key.
Quick Import
Quick Import function can help you open and manage larger components and assemblies more quickly and easily.
New Datum Types
Two new types of datum are available in ZW3D 2021 – Axis and Coordinate System (CSYS). They are very helpful to improve everyday productivity.
Sketch Improvements
There are many new features and optimized functions in the Sketch module
New Surface Modelling Functions
There are two key improvements to surface modeling:
The new Cross Trim command allows you to trim multiple crossed faces by one step. The G2 Blend option has been added to the Fillet and Blend Face commands.
New Sheetmetal Punch Options
The sheet metal Punch Tool command now it allows you to create fillets and open faces. External shapes can also now be imported as the punch shapes.



Enhancements to Drawings
Two new types of table are available in ZW3D 2021:
They allow you to document both points and dimensions.
OLE objects can now be added to your drawing. This link to an external file allows you to edit the object directly by opening it in another application. This is very useful when you need to connect the 2D sheet to an external BOM table or other documents.
 Script Editor Video
New Datum Features Video
New Surface Features Video
New Drawing Functions Video
Quick Import Video
Sketch Enhancements Video
New Datum Features Video

Assembly Enhancements

Assembly Structure
Dissolve Assembly and Group as Sub-assembly – work as a pair to break up or create or reorganise an assembly structure.
Unplaced (virtual) Components
Unplaced Components are virtual components that only appear in the assembly tree but not in the graphic window.
They are normally the things that should be included in the BOM table, but are not necessary to show the geometry. For example: Tape, Paint, Spares.
Assembly Enhancements Video

Manufacturing Enhancements

Full Machine Simulation
Has been enhanced to include: Machine Builder, CNC Controller, Machine Register options.
NC codes can now be imported from external files to run a simulation.
Excel format in Operation Lists
Operation Lists can now be exported to Excel with a customizable template, where the coordinate system can be specified.
New Arc Fitting for higher precision
The Fit Arc option has been added to 2-axis milling, 5-axis milling, and Surface Engraving. With Fit Arc, the toolpaths of higher precision can be generated.
Machine Simulation Video
Arc Fitting Video
Operation List Video