SimWise Durability
Durability and Fatigue Calculations
Fatigue damage is one the most common causes of structural failure, and can lead to disastrous outcomes. Therefore, prediction of structural fatigue life is essential in modern product design.
SimWise 4D already calculates the dynamics loads that result from the motion of a mechanism, and the stresses and strains that result from those dynamic loads. SimWise Durability uses the stresses and strains to compute the fatigue life.
A schematic showing the entire durability process
The schematic above shows the entire Durability process. After completing a Motion + FEA analysis, choose the the durability material properties and the fatigue life calculation method, run the durability solver, and review the results.
Component with coloured regions showing fatigue based on stress and strain
SimWise Durability is built on widely used fatigue calculation methods. It offers fatigue calculations based on stress life, strain life or factor of safety criteria and comes with more than 150 materials with fatigue properties based on the SAE J1099 standard. Contour plots are produced to show in either the fatigue life in cycles, or the factor of safety.
SimWise Durability is an add-on to SimWise 4D and requires a license of SimWise 4D be present prior to its use.
Evaluation versions of SimWise 4D include an evaluation copy of SimWise Durability.

Durability - Door Closer Example