ZWSim-EM 2019

ZWSim-EM 2019, a 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator has been officially released! As the first CAE software of ZWSOFT, it is specialized in high-frequency electromagnetic analysis, including the simulation of antennas, microwave circuits and devices, such as couplers, filters and power dividers.

Key Features

Powerful Modeling Capabilities

Based on ZW3D’s powerful modeling capabilities, ZWSim-EM can meet different modeling requirements in the electromagnetic field.

Extensive Material Library
ZWSim-EM provides a rich material library containing more than 160 kinds of materials, offering you diversified electromagnetic materials to assign.
Multiple Array Patterns
ZWSim-EM provides powerful array capabilities for antennas, realizing efficient pre-processing of array antennas simulation.
Multiple Background and Boundary Options
There are various kinds of background and boundary, meeting your needs of simulating different electromagnetic objects like antennas and waveguides.
Multiple Excitation Sources / Ports
ZWSim-EM offers multiple excitation sources and different ways to excite them. You can choose which ports to be excited, and to excite sequentially or simultaneously.
Multiple Mesh-generation Strategies
ZWSim-EM provides different mesh-generation strategies to satisfy different accuracy requirements. Receiving correct simulation results by less meshes and shorter time can be realized.
Intelligent Checking
You can check the project by analyzing and adjusting accordingly to ensure the validity of pre-processing settings, so that the simulation can run smoothly.
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