Instructor led ZW3D Training

Smart Design and Manufacture have now developed a series of basic Instructor led ZW3D training courses.

These courses are primarily designed to get new users up and running with the software as quickly as possible to make them productive members of your team as quickly as possible.

Though these courses are primarily aimed at new users they could also be a useful refresher for designers who only use the software occasionally or who have not used it in anger for some time.

This course consists of lectures and demonstrations and practical exercises to reinforce all the topics covered.

Also included are many practical modeling projects.

Basic Part Modelling - 3 days

zw3d training part des


  • Environment and Interface
  • Creating sketches
  • Sketch based features
  • Engineering features
  • Quickshapes
  • Measuring and information
  • Creating datums
  • Copying and patterns
  • Lofts and sweeps
  • Direct edits

Assembly Design - 1 day

zw3d training assy


  • Inserting components
  • Component operations
  • Sketch based features
  • Exploded assemblies
  • Mechanical constraints

Creating Drawings in ZW3D - 2 days

zw3d training drawing


  • Environment and interface
  • Creating and editing views
  • Adding dimensions
  • Editing dimensions
  • Dimension tolerances and Gtols
  • Adding drawing annotations
  • Assembly drawings
  • Setting up for drawings
  • Creating formats

Sheetmetal Design - 2 days

zw3d training sheet


  • Environment and Interface
  • Setting up for Sheetmetal
  • Creating Flanges and Bends
  • Sheetmetal Features
  • Editing Sheetmetal
  • Unfolding and Flatpatterns
  • Sheetmetal Drawings

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