Part & Assembly Modelling, Drawing, Mold Design Enhancements

  • Optimized rules for history regen and the function of reference geometry
  • New mechanism for history quick rollback
  • The mechanism of quick aborting for time-consuming calculations
  • New “Fit Curve” command
  • Mirror function has been added to “ReadySketch Text” command
  • The checking efficiency of open endpoints has been improved
  • New Rough Offset
  • Special-shaped Flange based on sketch
  • Upgraded Draft feature
  • Enhanced DE functionality

. . . And many other Improvements

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CAD Enhance

Part, Assembly & Drawing + Mold Enhancements


Manufacturing Enhancements

  • Preview of turning tools
  • Groove Round Tool can be applied to Roughing and Finishing operations
  • Turning of special-shaped end face is supported in Finishing operation
  • New Cutting Depth function has been added to Part Off operation
  • Optimized Part Off turning tool
  • Enhanced G02/G03 arcs output
  • New Frame function has been added to Turning operations

. . . And many other Improvements

For more details open or download the pdf:-    Learn More

CAM Enhance

Manufacturing Enhancements

Watch Enhancement Videos:

Sheetmetal   –   Add Flange with Sketched Profile

Surfacing   –   Generate a set of Approximate Surfaces

Part Modelling   –   Standard Part Library “add-in” updated

Part Modelling   –   Draft Feature updated with new options

Electrode Design   –   New Features added to Electrode Module

Electrode Design   –   Electrode BOM


Mold Design   –   Improvements to Mold Project

Mold Design   –   More Mold Library Commands

Mold Design   –   New Lifter Tool


Manufacture   –  2 Axis Milling Enhancements

Manufacture   –   3 Axis Milling Enhancements

Drafting   –   Auto Create all drawings in one go

Drafting   –   PMI Improvements and Additions

Assembly Design   –   Capture the Motion Curve of a Component

Assembly Design   –   Quick Assembly of Fasteners

Assembly Design   –   General Assembly Module Improvements



Mold Design   –   New Cooling Loop Tool

Mold Design   –   Auto Mold Drafting

Mold Design   –   Runner and Gate Improvements


Manufacture   –   New Groove and Taper Lock Commands

Manufacture   –   Turning Improvements