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Cooling Loop – Your Secret Weapon to Create Cooling Channels

In ZW3D 2020, cooling loops can be created with one command — Cooling Loop. You can easily create two types of cooling loop — Single object or Two objects. Unlike the traditional method, you can directly generate the channels by continuously picking points at the locations you want, so you skip the steps like drawing sketches and creating pockets on the plate.

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Posted:  19/03/2020

Hybrid Modeling in ZW3D: A Highly Flexible Modeling Technology

If you are working on product design with a 3D CAD system, you must know the technology of hybrid modeling, which combines surface modeling and solid modeling methods in one CAD system, and is usually applied to product prototype design or structural design. However, it’s more than a simple combination.

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Posted:  24/02/2020

Spend a little time now to save loads later.

Direct Edit is an ideal tool for you to flexibly post-edit model data while ensuring the integrity of your modeling.

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If you want to polish up your ZW3D skills we’ve prepared an example for you here:  Pedestal Example

Posted:  08/11/2019

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3 New Instructor led ZW3D 2019 Training Courses now available

Smart Design and Manufacture have now developed a series of basic Instructor led ZW3D training courses.

These courses are primarily designed to get new users up and running with the software as quickly as possible to make them productive members of your team as quickly as possible.

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Posted:  09/09/2019

8 Hidden Enhancements You Should Know about in ZW3D 2019

ZW3D 2019 official version was released in January 2019 had a load of new features unveiled and you can review them here.

But, here are some hidden enhancements included in the ZW3D 2019 CAD module you may not have discover before. They are tiny but significant, delivering a much smoother use experience for all our uses.

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Posted:  06/09/2019

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Beyond the hidden “secrets” in this article, a lot of improvements have been made to ZW3D 2019. Should you want to explore more surprises?

Why not try it by yourself?

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6 Tricks for ZW3D 2019 CAM to get better Machining efficiency

ZW3D 2019 and its SP version are available with lots of new features and enhancements. In a previous article, I’ve already unveiled the hidden enhancements in ZW3D 2019 CAD module. So in this post, I am going to show you some of the highlights which are not easily discovered in CAM.

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Posted:  04/09/2019