ZW3D product News and Events


ZWCAD Mechanical 2020 is released with High Efficiency enhancements

Guangzhou, China: August 15th, 2019 – ZWSim-EM is a 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator with high precision, high efficiency, low memory footprint and powerful modeling capabilities. It is dedicated to providing users with an industry-specific, RF-related and all-in-one simulation solution.

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ZWSim-EM 2019 Released


ZWCAD Mechanical 2020 is released with High Efficiency enhancements

Guangzhou, China: August 7th, 2019 – Not long after ZWCAD 2020 was released with unprecedentedly enhanced efficiency, ZWCAD Mechanical is now available.

Built on the powerful platform ZWCAD 2020, they are also faster than ever and possess those important new features such as PDF Underlay Manager, Data Extraction, Lisp Debugger, Cycle Selection,

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ZWCAD 2020 Released


Faster SPM Running on Faster ZWCAD 2020

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: July 16, 2019 – As one of the most popular ZWCAD plug-ins for geospatial data management, Spatial ManagerTM has been upgraded to version 5.3 and is now compatible with ZWCAD 2020 that runs faster and faster. With Spatial Manager™ for ZWCAD, the speed of operating common geospatial tasks has been unprecedentedly accelerated.

Spatial Manager™ for ZWCAD is a powerful and lightweight ZWCAD plug-in designed for users who need to import, export and manage geospatial data and territorial information in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.

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Faster SPM Running on Faster ZWCAD 2020


ZW3D 2019 SP Released

GUANGZHOU, CHINA  – May 28, 2019 – Today ZWSOFT announced the launch of ZW3D 2019 SP. It introduces new features and enhancements that directly respond to users’ requests and satisfy the needs of complex product development, delivering more robust and user-friendly CAD/CAM solution.

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ZW3D 2019 SP Released


ZW3D 2019 Released

GUANGZHOU, CHINA – January 2019 – ZW3D today announced the launch of ZW3D 2019 which delivers enhancements and new functions that solve complex design challenges and facilitate faster more economical manufacturing, helping users get products to market quicker and at less cost.

14 Key Enhancements:

    • Better User-experience in Complex Solid Modelling
    • More Stable and Faster History Regeneration to Quicken Design
    • More Productive When Working with Flexible Sub-assembly
    • New User-Defined Feature to Improve User Experience
    • New Patterning /Mirroring Components with Constraints
    • Accelerated Product Design with Updated 3D BOM
    • More Powerful 2D Drawing Functions Get Efficiency Boost
    • New Mold Parting Wizard to Optimize Workflow
    • Upgraded MoldBase and Standard Parts Library with Greater Flexibility
    • Optimized Electrode Tools to Meet Different Needs
    • New Design Possibilities through Nesting Solution
    • Integrated VoluMill for ZW3D to increase Productivity
    • New Cleanup Corner Control for 2X Operation to Save Tool Cost
    • More Reliable Big Step in 3X Roughing

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ZW3D Volume Mill function

Volume Milling

CADbro product News and Events


CADbro 2019 Released

ZWSOFT Releases CADbro 2019 SP, A Powerful 3D Viewer Allowing Lightning-fast Data Collaboration

GUANGZHOU, China—May 30th ,2019 – ZWSoft an innovative supplier of CAD/CAM solutions and service provider, today announced the launch of a full-featured and budget-friendly 3D CAD viewer, CADbro 2019 SP1, which allows lightning-fast data collaboration through its view, annotation and analysis functions.


Intuitive and Powerful 3D Viewer

Known for its modern user-interface, high-performance viewing, and advanced analysis, CADbro ships with powerful 3D viewer for a broad range of 3D and 2D formats.

Supporting HTML file output, CADbro 2019 SP1 enables users to share light-weight 3D data internally and externally, and to view, explore, and section 3D models without running complex 3D software. In other words, users can distribute intricate 3D data safely and at a lightning-fast speed via the browser.

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CADbro Assembly

CADBro Assembly

SimWise product News and Events


DST Announces SimWise V9.8

Integrated Motion, FEA and Optimization product receives new capabilities and expanded interoperability

(Canton, MI March 31, 2017)  DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc.;, a leading provider of affordable and flexible physics based simulation software for the professional and education markets, today announced the availability of SimWise V9.8. This release continues to expand the Optimization, FEA, CAD Integration, and Interoperability capabilities of the product.

SimWise V9.8 introduces integration with the Onshape CAD system ( Onshape parts and assemblies can be opened from SimWise. Onshape assembly constraints will be converted to SimWise Motion constraints. The Onshape parts and assemblies can be used for Multibody Dynamics Simulation, Structural and Thermal FEA analysis, Durability (Fatigue) analysis, and in optimization studies. Changes made to an Onshape part or assembly can be automatically applied to the SimWise model.

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