ZW3D Additional Applications

Below are a number of additional applications that will allow you to add to the functionality of your version of ZW3D thus enhancing the power of your ZW3D product development tool.


The ZW3D Sheet metal module provides the user with a full set of tools to complete sheet metal designs that includes various flange creation tools, forming tools and editing tools such as Extend flange, Bend taper and so on.

In addition ZW3D can easily convert external sheet metal parts or solid parts into ZW3D sheet metal parts and then unfold them correctly.

Sheet Metal Design is included in the Standard, Professional & Premium versions.

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The Most Accurate and Most Recognized Real-Time Material Cost Reduction Tool for Estimators and Tool Engineers

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Built-in reverse engineering module provides tools to build surface or 3D model from STL files, point cloud or scan data. And the prepared model can be used for CNC machining.

• Point block creation and editing

• Editing tools for triangle mesh

• Directly get cross section curve from STL model

• Analysis Point Cloud Surface Fit

Reverse Engineering is included in the Standard, Professional & Premium versions.

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ZW3D weldment module provides various structure design tool as well as structure BOM for weldment design. Users can work from design to drafting seamlessly no matter use Pre-defined or customized profile.

Weldment Design is included in the Standard, Professional & Premium versions.

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ZW3D electrode module provides automated tool and manual assistant tools for electrode creation. User can works seamlessly between electrode design, drafting and CAM.

Electrode Design is included in the Professional & Premium versions.

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Nesting can directly pick any geometries to form close loops as “Nesting Profiles” and “Blank”. It is suitable for sheet metal working, woodworking, packing, printing, etc. Nesting needs a specified dongle key inserted into user’s PC to activate before starting.

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VoluMill for ZW3D is a high performance roughing strategy, including 2X & 3X Volumill for ZW3D. VoluMill’s ease-of-use and technology independence makes it simple to identify potential benefits. VoluMill for ZW3D, not only evens the loads on machine tools and cutting tools, enabling them to cut faster and deeper while under greatly reduced stress. Thus, Volumill for ZW3D reduce Cycle Time up to 70% and extend Cutting Tool Life up to 800%

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5X milling provides various of operations for the user to create tool path effectively following their demands on 3D model, which offers strategies such as Plane, Swarf, Drive-curve, Flow, Side and Guide surface, and convenient axis control via the definition of the lead and roll angel manually or guide by the typical shapes automatically.

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MACHINEWORKS unique Boolean engine provides fast and accurate Material Removal, Collision Detection and Machine Simulation for Machine Tools, CNC Controllers, Desktop and Cloud-based CAM, CMM, Optical Inspection, Additive Manufacturing and Robotics software.

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Sheet Metal Design
Fast Blank
Reverse Engineering
Weldment Design
Electrode Design
4 & 5 Axis Machining
Full Machine Simulation